A 21st Century Approach to Venture Capital

FinTech (Financial Technology) Enhancing or Disrupting the Financial Services Industry


Novus Ordo Capital is a venture capital company that focuses on growth stage venture capital investments in UK FinTech (financial technology) companies.


Novus Ordo Capital was founded by Liliana Reasor, an entrepreneur and venture capitalist with 18+ years of experience in FinTech and every area of finance in the US and Europe.


Novus Ordo Capital's 21st century approach to venture capital is quite innovative as it focuses on growth stage FinTech companies using the latest technologies to enhance or disrupt the financial services industry. In addition, although we focus on FinTech ventures based in the UK, we plan to scale our portfolio companies globally.


Novus Ordo Capital's team includes professionals with US & European experience in FinTech venture capital, FinTech business development, FinTech operations, investment banking and FinTech & tech entrepreneurship. Novus Ordo Capital's team brings a great venture capital track record of 5x fund level return on FinTech ventures.

Liliana Reasor

Liliana is an entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and FinTech and finance professional with 18+ years of experience in US M&A, US tech equity investments, US corporate lending, US trading, US portfolio management and European FinTech (risk and portfolio management software) at top Investment Banks and FinTech companies (JP Morgan, Banc of America Sec., Deutsche Bank, Morgan Stanley, Joel Mogy Inv. Counsel, Cohen & Co., and Moody's Analytics).


Liliana is passionate about entrepreneurship, disruptive technologies and FinTech. Liliana's passion for disruptive technologies dates back to 1995, when as an equity investment analyst at Joel Mogy Investment Counsel recommended the pre-IPO investment into Netscape - 4x post IPO price increase and 14x price increase until being acquired by AOL.


Liliana is a thought leader in the FinTech and finance industry, is heavily involved in the FinTech ecosystem in the UK and other parts of Europe, and coaches FinTech startups at several UK accelerators and angel networks.


Liliana has been a keynote speaker / panellist and judge at several UK FinTech and private equity events, including: CSFI, University of Strathclyde; AltAssets WPEN; AltAssets FinTech Investor Forum; LendIt's PitchIt; Innovation of Apps Award; Private Equity International; and the UCLA Anderson alumni network in London.


Liliana has an MBA from UCLA with concentration in finance, and a M.S. in Computational Finance from Carnegie Mellon, which have provided her with additional technical and business skills to assess investment opportunities in FinTech.




Pierre Suhrcke

Pierre is an entrepreneur and venture capitalist with 30+ years of experience in venture capital, investment banking, board advisory, and helping ventures develop flexible business models and technology that can be scaled globally.


Pierre is currently one of the top FinTech specialists in Europe and is heavily involved in the FinTech ecosystem. He has been a board advisor for 20+ companies in the FinTech and tech industries and currently works with ventures with disruptive technologies to successfully enhance or disintermediate the finance industry.


Pierre brings many years of experience in venture capital as Managing Director at Deutsche Bank Capital Venture Partners and as a Partner at ABS Ventures. Pierre has had a very successful career in venture capital with many successful exits in the FinTech industry.


Pierre has worked for 17 years at Deutsche Bank in key leadership roles building up several strategic businesses in investment banking. Among others, his roles included, Deputy Head of Equities (FFM), Global Head of Risk Management Advisory Group and Head of Global Risk Management Group.




Mali Marafini

Mali brings +18 years in strategic consulting, corporate tech venturing solutions, product development, and transformation program execution management on a global basis for top financial institutions such as Apax Partners, JP Morgan Chase, Deutsche Bank, HSBC, UBS, ABN Amro, Merrill Lynch, Credit Suisse and Citigroup.


Mali has worked in Chief Information Officer and Chief Operating Officer capacities at several financial institutions, which have provided her with a deep understanding of their information technology needs. Her Chief Information Officer and Chief Operation Officer level of engagements have included corporate transformation programmes related to performance, risk and trading.


Mali is heavily involved in the FinTech ecosystem in Europe and is a mentor at several UK accelerators, a thought leader, and a social media influencer. She is a regular global keynote conference speaker on emerging technologies in FinTech, Insuretech, mediatech and social inclusion.


Mali has a MBA from University of London and a BA in Business, Finance and Technology from University of London.




If you would like to get involved with, get an update on, or learn more about Novus Ordo Capital, please contact us at contact@novus-ordo.co.uk.

Novus Ordo Capital Ltd. has been registered with FCA as a small registered UK AIFMs with effect from 8 July 2016 under the Alternative Investment Fund Managers Regulations 2013 (AIFMRs). The FRN for Novus Ordo Capital Ltd. is 752153

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